Monday, October 20, 2008


Sen. Obama has closed the deal when it comes to being the next President Of The United States. Sen. Obama got the most important endorsement of his campaign when Gen. Colin Powell endorsed him to become the next President Of The United States. Sen. Obama got the credibility he, much needed to be Commander N- Chief when Powell gave Obama his ringing endorsement. This is the final nail in the McCain Campaign Coffin and the only thing left is how big of a electoral landslide will it be for Sen. Obama. The McCain campaign put up a good fight but, the only way McCain can win is by a "Act Of God" and that is not going to happen this campaign season. Sen. McCain does not have the money or the organization to defeat the Obama Machine. Sen. McCain had a chance of winning this election but, the "Wall Street Crisis" Turned this whole election around for Sen. Obama. If you look at the polls carefully you will find out that Sen . Obama did not take the lead until the "Wall Street Crisis" hit on September 16 and that is when the American people moved toward Sen. Obama campaign in droves. The American people are not voting against Sen. McCain but, they are voting against the Bush Administration policies. Sen. McCain also, made some serious strategic mistakes by not bringing up William Ayers and Rev. Wright before the Republican Convention because, this would have made Sen. Obama unacceptable to the American people even if there was a Wall Street Meltdown. Finally, it is too late for the McCain campaign to bring up Ayers and Rev.Wright because, it makes Sen. McCain look desperate in the eyes of the American public. Sen. McCain should have learned a lesson from the 2000 Presidential campaign that nice guys finish last when it comes to winning Presidential elections. I guess Sen. McCain has to learn the hard way by losing to Sen. Obama "Game, Set, Match" Victory.

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