Monday, October 27, 2008


The Obama Machine has done one of the best jobs in political history getting a Freshman Senator from Illinois elected President of the United States. Sen. Obama Chief Strategist David Axelrod has done the impossible by defeating the Clinton Machine and he, is on his way to Defeating Sen. McCain in the General Election. Sen. Obama Campaign had a well thought out Strategy in the primaries by investing his campaign dollars in the Caucus States where he, picked up some crucial delegates that put him over thee top against Sen. Clinton to help him win the Democratic Nomination. The Obama Campaign Communication Department headed by Bill Burton and Robert Stubbs help get Sen. Obama message out to the the American people through the Liberal Socialist Media. Sen. Obama campaign used the blogs to help him get the left wing of the Democratic party in his back pocket. The Obama campaign used the Daily Kos, Huffington Post and MoveOn.Org to help him secure the Democratic Nomination. The Obama campaign picked up some help when ABC News Reporter Linda Douglass joined there Communication Department and help them establish a good relationship with 90% of the Liberal Socialist Media. The Key to the Obama campaign was his fundraising operation which has raised 600 million dollars in this election cycle. Sen. Obama is a fundraising machine because he, destroyed Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain when it comes to raising much needed funds to win a General Election. Sen. Obama has so much money he, has bought out all available add space on the local television networks in the key Battleground States. Sen. Obama is out spending Sen. McCain 4 to 1 in these crucial states and that will be the death nail to the McCain Campaign. Sen. Obama has so, much money he can even take out 30 min. commericals to be put on Network Television before the World Series. The second key to Sen. Obama success is that the liberal media is in the tank for Sen. Obama. The Liberal Media has covered-up all Sen. Obama associations from the past because, they want him to be elected President Of The United States. The Liberal Media has been waiting 45 years for a candidate like Sen. Obama to advance their liberal socialist agenda that they will do anything to protect him from any controversy. Therefore, could you imagine if Sen. McCain had a went to a church and his Spiritual Advisor was Rev. Wright he, would have never come close to being the next President Of The United States. Finally. Sen. Obama Machine has done a excellent job protecting him from Conservatives with the help from the liberal media and the Socialist blogs. The American people will have to pay a price in the end for the lack of journalistic integrity in the Media.

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