Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The Democratic Party will win the 2008 election campaign by a landslide. The Average American feels that the nation is going in the wrong direction and they are blaming the Republican Party for the country economic woes. Sen. McCain was leading in the polls until September 16 when we had the "Wall Street Crisis" and now Sen. Obama has a commanding lead in the polls with a week left in the campaign. Sen. Obama has a commanding lead in all the states that Sen. Kerry won in 2004 General Election Campaign. Sen. Obama is now leading in all the Battleground States and some Red States like Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Missouri. The Democratic Party could have the largest majority in Congress since, the 1970's when they had 260 Congressional seats in the Congress. The United States Senate could have a Filibuster Proof majority in the Senate with 60 Democratic Seats. Therefore, you will have a Obama, Reid and Pelosi "Regime" in Washington without any checks and balances. Rep. Barney Frank is calling already call for a 25% cut in military spending and Sen. Kerry is talking about having a second "New Deal" that we cannot afford after the 700 million dollars spent on the "Wall Street Bailout". The Democratic Party will also, pass a sweeping "Immigration Bill" that will make 20 million Illegal Aliens American citizens and register them as Democrats so, they can control this country for the next half-century. President Obama will raise taxes on the wealthy Americans who create jobs and he will also, raise Social Security Taxes and Payroll Taxes to fund his Socialist Welfare Programs. The Democratic Congress will repeal the "Bush Tax Cuts" and raise the capital gains tax on all Americans. President Obama will nominate Liberal Socialist Supreme Court Justices and they will establish a "New Progressive Agenda" through the Courts. The judges that President Obama will put on the Court of Appeals will support Gay marriage and support Abortions on demand without any punishment. President Obama will also support the "Freedom Of Choice Act", Affirmative Action, Federal Bailouts and Universal Health Care for all Americans and even Illegal Immigrants. Finally, to all Americans voting on Nov. 4 you have to remember that elections have consequences and if you vote for Sen. Obama "Welcome To Socialism".

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