Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have been trying for the last week to find a scenario looking at the Electoral College where Sen. McCain can win this election and I have come up empty every time. Sen. McCain is in the worst position as Republican since, Sen. Dole in the 1996 Presidential Campaign against President Clinton. Sen. McCain is having serious problems trying to hold on to traditional Republican states like Virginia and North Carolina and Indiana.. Sen. McCain has to pray for a miracle just to come close to winning this general election. Sen. Obama has about "Four Different Combinations" when it comes to winning this election. Sen. Obama can win this election by just holding on to the States that Sen. Kerry won in 2004 which adds up to 252 Electoral College votes and add on these States Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado and he, is the next President Of The United States. Sen. Obama holds the Realclearpoliticis Average lead in most of the Battleground States like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Florida. The biggest problem for Sen. McCain has is when you get a average of all the major polls Sen. McCain is having a serious problem getting 45% of the vote. This is not a good sign for the McCain campaign because if he, had a outside chance of winning this election Sen. McCain should be be over 45% in the polls today. Sen. McCain lead in the polls disappeared on September 16 when the "Wall Street Crisis" hit the American people and it basically, destroyed his chance to become the next President Of The United States. Finally, to all my Conservative friends we, should still work hard for these last "Ten Days" to get the vote out for Sen. McCain. We should all take a friend to the polls with us so we can pull off a miracle upset. I want all Conservatives to think about the 1948 Presidential election when the mainstream media had Gov. Dewey winning the election in every poll and President Truman pulled off the biggest upset in American History and won the election with 303 Electoral College Votes. It Can Happen Again!

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