Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The News Service African Press International will soon be realising a tape by Michelle Obama to the American people. The tape will be released before the General Election Voting Day- Nov. 4. African Press International is in negotiation with Fox News on how to release the tape to the American public. The recorded tape that will be released represents the true feeling of Michelle Obama and why she hates America. The tapes must be verified by more than one source or the "Obama Stormtroopers" will attack African Press International and Fox News with all there Liberal Socialist Goons in the media. Finally, I hope the tapes are true because, the American people are being "Hoodwinked" by the Liberal Socialist Media into voting for a Marxist who hates America.

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  1. I have seen Michelle Obama on Larry King Live and her demeanor was nowhere near what the AFI pictures her on the dubious write up suppossedly "taped" by those bloggers.

    Why in the name of snake oil cure all panacea will Michelle Obama even call a group of bloggers and from Africa at that like they can vote or make a difference in the election?