Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The McCain Campaign has to run the table to win this Presidential Election. Sen. McCain has to win almost every "Battleground State" to win this election. Sen. McCain has to pull a rabbit of out his hat and win the Democratic State of Pennsylvania and it's 21 Electoral College Votes to even come close to getting the 270 Electoral College Votes needed to become, the Next President Of The United States. Sen. McCain is in this position because, he is losing Iowa, New Mexico and Colorado by a large margin in the polls. This will be a tough task for Sen. McCain because he, is still trying to protect traditionally, Republican States like Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. Sen. Obama has a lead in Virgina and if he wins any of these Republican States this election is over. The McCain Campaign must know something in there internal polls that they feel that they can win Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Nevada,, New Hampshire and Missouri. Therefore, let's put all our cards on the table because, no Republican has won a Presidential election without winning Ohio and Missouri in the past century. Sen. McCain will have a tough time winning Ohio because, of the large increase of new voters and voter fraud by organizations like Acorn that will probably help Sen. Obama win Ohio. Sen. McCain has to pray for a miracle to win this election because, as long as the Liberal Socialist Media cover-up for Sen. Obama and his Marxist beliefs he, will probably win this election by a "Landslide". Finally, Sen. McCain needs a serious Obama gaffe to win this election and that might not be enough for Sen. McCain to win this Presidential Election. Can anyone reading my blog tell me how Sen. McCain is going to win this election. The new "Fox News Poll" has Sen. Obama up 49%-40% Nationally. The "AP Poll" has Sen. Obama up 44%-43% over McCain with Likely Voters.

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