Saturday, September 13, 2008


Gov. Sara Plain has turned this whole election around for the Republican Party and Conservative movement. The Republican Party believed that they had little or no chance of winning the Presidency. Gov. Palin has given a Party that seemed to be dead some life when it comes to the general election campaign this Fall. Gov. Palin has changed the dynamics is of this campaign in both elections because, she has done something no Republican has done since Ronald Reagan and that is have a devoted following that will someday make her President Of The United States. Gov. Palin is so appealing to Americans that she has done something no Republican Party member has done and that is put some Congressional seats back in Republican hands. The Gallup Poll came out today and it showed that the "Generic Ballot" between Democratic and Republicans is tied and if you take Likely Voters the Republicans are winning by five points. The Palin effect has also, energized the base of the Republican Party which is so critical for any Republican nominee to win the Presidency. The same critical voters that helped elect President Bush is needed to win this election against the powerful Obama machine. The Obama machine is so, strong because they have a excellent ground game that could be enough for him to become the next President of the United States. The Plain effect on the Presidential campaign will be attacked by the Liberal Socialist Media everyday to try and destroy Gov. Palin because she represents everything that the Liberal socialist media hates and that is a women who happens to be a Conservative. Gov. Palin is hated by Liberal Socialist Media because she reminds them that they are wrong when it comes to the "Culture Wars" in America. The feminist movement hates Gov. Plain because, she is not a advocate of abortion and that is the "Litmus Test" for all feminist. Therefore, to the feminist movement she will not given credit for being a trailblazer because, she is not a advocate of the Socialist issues that all feminist must comply to or be called a sellout. Finally, we will find out on election day how the Palin effect will effect the outcome of the general election. Gov. Plain will either be a home run or a strike out this Fall.

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