Saturday, September 6, 2008


Gov. Palin on Wednesday Night at the Republican National Convention established herself as "The New Leader Of The Conservative Movement". Gov. Palin is the first politician since President Ronald Reagen who will have a devoted following even if the McCain/Pailin ticket loses the General Election this Fall. I personally think as a Conservative that because the economy is getting worse everyday it seems more likely that Sen. Obama will be the Next President Of The United States. Sen. Obama has lot of things going his way because people all around the world in General Elections are throwing the party in power out of office. The elections in Australia, Japan, France, Israel and it seems like the Labour Party in England will be thrown out of office. The change of demographics will be a key to this upcoming election because, Sen. Obama will receive a much larger percentage of the African-America and Hispanic vote and that will be enough to elect him President Of The United States. This will give Gov. Palin four years to put together the Conservative Movement and build a campaign that will defeat Sen. Obama in the 2012 General election. Gov. Palin will have the time to build up a war chest that will be able to compete with the Obama money machine. Gov. Palin and Gov. Jindal of Louisiana will have the chance to rebuild the Conservative Movement in America ground up and articulate the Conservative Movement to the Average American. Gov. Palin will be able to put together a platform where the Republican Party can re-capture the White House in 2012 with the same issues that helped the Republicans win the United States Congress in the 1994 Congressional Elections. Gov. Palin showed us leadership Wednesday night when she stood up against the hard left and there buddies in the media. The Left Wing Socialist Media tried to break Gov. Plain but they found out that this is one tough woman. Gov. Palin showed us that she is a true fighter for the Conservative Movement and she we will prove in the 2012 General Election that the McCain pick of Gov Palin For Vice President Of the United States was the best thing that ever happened to the Conservative Movement. Finally, I am telling all Conservatives don't lose your confidence in the movement even if we lose the General Election this fall. Therefore, when there is darkness there will always be light. We will win in 2012.

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