Saturday, September 20, 2008


There has to be a moment of truth for the Liberal Socialist Media when it comes to the Wall Street meltdown and someone should arrest Sen. Obama for his role in the Wall Street Meltdown. Sen. Obama wants everybody to think that he, has nothing to do with the Financial Crisis In America, but the United states Congress under Democratic Leadership has not helped regulate Wall Street for the last two years. Therefore, no one in the Left Wing Socialist Media is questioning Sen. Obama why he, has surrounded himself with executives in his campaign from Bear Stearns, Lehman Borthers, AIG and Fannie Mae. These are individuals who put the American Economy on the brink of collapse. Let's start with the money trail. Sen. Obama received a grand total $1,223,737.00 from Fannie Mae, Lehman Brothers, AIG and Bear Stearns while, Sen. McCain only received $258,000. Therefore, I would like to ask a simple question why is Sen. Obama getting more money from these financial Institutions than Sen. McCain who has been in the United States Senate for Twenty-Six Years. Sen. Obama has ties to some of the most notorious people in America who have put us in this Financial Crisis. So, lets start with Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson who are economic advisers to the Obama Campaign. Mr. Raines and Mr. Johnson both received sweetheart deals form Countrywide and they also helped destroy Fannie Mae. Mr. Raines and Mr. Johnson were part of the Fannie Mae Accounting Scandal that rocked Washington. Mr. Raines left Washington with 50 million dollars in his back pocket after surviving the Washington Scandal. Mr. Johnson got a promotion in the Obama Campaign and he, was part of the Vice Presidential Committee before he, was forced to resign under pressure from the Republican Party. Finally, the first person to stick it to the American people is a women named Penny Pritzer who destroyed hundreds of lives in the Sub-Prime Loan Industry is now the Fiance Chairwomen of the Obama campaign. Sen. Obama has some of the worst judgement I have ever seen and the "Clown" is a heartbeat away from being President Of The United States



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