Monday, September 29, 2008


The Liberal Socialist Media could not wait to attack Gov. Palin as soon as she was picked by Sen. McCain. The Liberal Socialist Media got there talking points from the Obama Campaign and start asking the same questions that were in the talking points. The Liberal Socialist Media has no shame in this election because, they are One Hundred Percent behind the Obama campaign and they really don't care if you like it or not. If you turn your channel MSNBC the media wing of the Obama Campaign as soon as she started speaking they had under Breaking News how many houses will Gov. Palin add to Sen. McCain houses. This is a cheap shot from a so, called News Organization. The Liberal Socialist Media is so, bad right when Sen. Obama is giving a speech they are in the media section clapping and celebrating because, this is the "Messiah" they have been waiting for the last 45 years to advance there Liberal Socialist Agenda. Therefore, watch the coverage of the debate Thursday night they will put a negative spin on Gov. Palin performance because, the media will do anything to win this election for Sen. Obama. The Liberal Socialist Media has the gall everyday to question if Gov. Pailin is qualified to be President Of The United States. They forgot to look at Sen. Obama qualifications because, Gov. Palin has more executive experience than Sen. Obama. This so, called media will attack Gov. Palin after this debate just like they attacked Sen. Clinton because, they want Sen. Obama to implement there Socialist Agenda. Finally, we will find out if Gov. Palin is ready for Primetime this Thursday Night when she debates Sen. Joe Biden. Good Luck Gov. Palin because, you have no friends in the Liberal Socialist Media.

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  1. Just as a doctor taps your knee with a hammer, your anti liberal reflex jerk happened before even your conservative buddies found out as we liberals already knew, Palin is a big time light weight. Conservatives are begging McCain to drop her from the ticket so he can have any chance to win. The Media didn't do this to her, her own words did it, and Palin is Failin' plain and simple. I can see Russia when Putin rears his head into Alaska airspace. The real airspace is between Palins ears. At best she is jerk off eye candy for Viagra popping Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh. She will be off the ticket in a week, or McCain will certainly lose due to her dragging his ticket down. Some straight talk here my friend, He gambled and lost on this pick my friend.