Saturday, August 23, 2008


Sen. Obama has finally, chosen his Vice Presidential Candidate and it is Sen. Joe Biden. Sen. Biden proven accusation of "Plagiarism" had serious repercussion on his bid to be President of the United States in 1988. Sen. Biden Borrowing of a British politician speech is perhaps the most famous instance of political plagiarism, illustrating both the dangers of unacknowledged language lifting of Biden. Sen. Biden should have acknowledged Neil Kinnock but, his lack of character showed during his campaign for President of the United States. Sen. Obama also has been accused of plagiarism because he also, copied the same speech that Gov. Duval Patrick of Massachusetts made and he had to apologize for making the speech. I think that Sen. Obama made a serious mistake by not even vetting Sen. Clinton who got 18 million votes in the Democratic Primary. Sen. Clinton would have almost guaranteed the Obama campaign the Presidency. The Obama campaign is so, "Arrogant" that the feel that the Clinton supporters will just fall in line like sheep. The Clinton supporters are very angry because, they feel that she should have been offered the the position over Sen. Biden. Sen. Obama will try and win his campaign on "Hollywood Flash" and no substance because, this is the staple of a Axelrod campaign. Finally, can any Obama supporter tell what Sen. Obama has ever changed is his whole career as a community organizer or politician that has made a difference in the "Average Americans Life".

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