Sunday, August 10, 2008


There have been reports all over the Internet saying that Barack AKA Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama was a citizen of Kenya since 1963 the courtesy of the Rocky Mountain News. Obama has not renounced his, citizenship to the country of Kenya. This information will be coming out later on in the campaign. The Constitution states that you must be a U.S. citizen to become, President of the United States. This is why Gov. Schwarzenegger of California and Gov. Granholm of Michigan cannot become, President of the United States because, they were not born United States citizens. The Republican Party operatives have been working overnight in Hawaii, Pakistan and Kenya finding out information on how Obama came to the United States. Obama Birth Certificate does not not even have his last name Obama it has the name Soetoro. Therefore, all this information will come out after the Democratic Party Convention and the Republicans will use this as a October surprise for the General Election Campaign. The Democratic Party has had there head in the sand of Hawaii because, they have not vetted Sen. Obama enough to let him be the Democratic Party Nominee. Finally, the Obama campaign has some serious storms on the horizon because, coming out soon with the Michelle Obama Tape Hating Whitey and 'Damn" have you noticed that you have not seen her on the campaign trail for at least three weeks. Obama and the Daily Kos website one of his biggest supporters of Obama Campaign have come out with a so, called Sen. Obama Birth Certificate in the month of June that does not even look like it is real. It is time that the Hawaii Attorney General release Sen. Obama Birth Certificate to see if it is his Original Birth Certificate, because, we don't elect Kenyans as President Of The United States.


  1. I will take Obama's word that he is eligible to be President of the United States - - - all he has to do is provide the why is it so hard for him to do so?

  2. All this is bull. You americans are nuts you dont even know a good person when you need one. Much of the world hates America including me, and when your supper power status falls you'll realise how bad you've been. i dont know Obama much but he's right that you need change. America needs to wake up n stop this muscle flexing get to the negotiating table. Its America which has fueled the high oil prices and increase in terrorism because of your useless foreign policy