Sunday, August 24, 2008


The Obama Campaign has a strong "Get Out The Vote Campaign" that is similar to the Bush Campaign in the 2004 General Election. The Obama campaign learned a critical lesson from the Bush Campaign and that is make sure your voters get to the polls. The Obama Campaign has already promised to give out Street Money in cities like Philadelphia so, they can get as many people as possible to the polls so, they can vote for Sen. Obama and the Democratic Party. The Obama "Get Out The Vote Campaign" could make a serious difference in the General Election Campaign because, it can turn a state like Ohio to a "Blue State" by getting a extra 100,000 votes. The Obama campaign is so, coordinated that they will probably know the number of people who will vote Democratic in certain districts in Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Therefore, this is a serious problem for the McCain campaign because, I am hearing the exact opposite form Republicans all around the country that the McCain campaign does not have a strong ground game. The problem with the McCain Campaign is that he has a lukewarm relationship with Evangelicals and that was the backbone of the Bush Campaign that help him get re-elected in 2004 General Election Campaign. Sen. McCain is not using all his resources that will help him pull off a upset in the General Election Campaign, because he, is not communicating with people like Rev. James Dobson who can get the number of campaign workers needed to win this election. The "Great Karl Rove" was on the phone every week with the Evangelical leaders to talk about how they were going to get there voters to the polls. Finally, Rick Davis better get the McCain Campaign more focused on getting the vote out or it is going to be a long night for the McCain Campaign.

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