Saturday, July 12, 2008


The leader of Al-Qaeda is for voting for Sen. Obama because he, knows that the only way Al-Qaeda in Iraq can win is if the United States Military withdraws from Iraq as soon as Sen. Obama is elected President of the United States. This will be the greatest victory in the history of Al-Qaeda because, Osama will have proved to all the jihadist all over the world that the United States is a "Paper Tiger". Sen. Obama will give him this victory and it will be the worst thing that could ever happen to the free world. Sen. Obama will wave the "White Flag" and with a victory Al-Qaeda army will grow stronger and the jihadist movement will start attacking other Democratic countries around the world. Sen. Obama thinks that he, can talk to these bloodthirsty beast who will not stop until the United States and Israel are wiped off the face of the earth. The Democratic Party believes that if we will just be a more kinder and gentler nation maybe, these jihadist will leave us alone. The jihadist nation want to takeover the whole world not just the Middle East. This type of attitude will leave America open to more terrorist attacks because, they will feel that Sen. Obama will not stand up and fight like President Bush because, the left-wing of the Democratic Party does not believe in war. The Democratic Party has to understand that talking to these beast will only show them a sign of weakness. The only thing jihadist respect if you look at history is strength and power. Finally, if Sen. Obama is elected President we will have more problems with Al-Qaeda because, they will think that the United States does not have the heart to win a all out war.


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  2. Nicely said and I agree. My son is an MP in the US Army. I didn't want him to go to Baghdad, no mother would. But he went, served his term, and is still on active duty and could be sent again.
    I post political jokes, and some political articles on my site from time to time.
    I wish these people would wise up and realize that putting Obama in the White House would be a disaster for America.

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