Saturday, July 19, 2008


The liberal media is in rare form when it comes to it's full support for the Obama campaign. The liberal socialist media decided to send there top anchors Williams, Couric, Gibson on Sen. Obama trip to Europe and Middle East. This is the first time this has ever happened when a candidate from a specific party during a Presidential campaign has been given a privilege only President or a Head of State would get from a forgein country. Therefore, to see people in the liberal media like Olbermann, Matthews, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and CNN kiss Sen. Obama ring every night makes me sick. This is the same liberal media who gets mad when the American people does not take them serious. The media has turned into the Press Secretary for the Obama campaign and if you want proof look at Linda Douglass who left ABC News to work for the Obama Campaign. The idiots over at MSNBC are out of control with there support of Sen. Obama just look at Chris Matthews and Olbermann they refuse to even hide the fact that they are supporting Obama. Matthews is having orgasms every time Obama gives a speech and calling him the next John F. Kennedy and Olbermann is bashing a American hero like Sen. McCain every night like he, was a member of Al-Qedea. I had enough when Olbermann bashed a American like Bud Day by calling him a clown at the end of his show. This clown Olbermann should be suspended or fired from MSNBC for his lack of respect for one of the most decorated military officers in our country. This clown called Bud Day a racist for saying that the biggest threat to America is the Islamic Terrorist. Finally, how long will the American people put up with this socialist liberal media who only cares about is there secular progressive movement which will destroy all the American values that made this country great.


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  2. we should go ahead and link exchange.


  3. Hope Obama will win American Presidency.

  4. I agree with you that the media is very liberal in it's views. Where we agree a bit less is why. Let me first say that, of course John McCaine is an American hero and many were not able or willing to give the huge amount of sacrifice that he gave. Personally, I would never question that or anything like it. My point is, however, that John McCaine's status as an American Hero, while absolutely confirming his patriotism, does not, for me, mean that he 'deserves' to be president. When looking for a candidate, I try to find the person who I think will be most likely to lead this country into a brighter future. As of yet I don't see that from John McCain. While I do see that from Obama, I question how much of this comes from naivety. I also look at how the United States is viewed by citizens of the country first, and second by citizens and states throughout the world.
    Another area that I look to is spending. It used to be that the Republican party was for low taxes AND conservative spending by the government. It simply does not work to maintain low taxes along with high government spending. John McCain's policy suggestions here somewhat offset the naivety of Obama when I consider who will get my vote.