Monday, July 7, 2008


The people who should take the blame for gas prices in America is the United States Congress. The United States Congress has not came up with a strong energy policy for the last 40 years. There should had been a strong "Public Planning Policy" towards energy after the OPEC crisis in 1973. The United State Congress refused to plan for the day where we did not need Middle Eastern Oil. The only thing Congress did was to make the situation worse by not letting oil companies build new refineries and they also, stop new drilling of oil on private and public lands in the United States. This Congress is being held hostage by the environmentalist who will not let any drilling for oil happen in the United States. The Democratic Congress lead by Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not let the oil companies drill in Anwar or off the coast of Florida or California. Therefore, for the last seven years President Bush has been fighting the Congress to open up the land in Anwar to start drilling for oil but, the Congress has turned him down every time. This country should have followed the Public Planning Policy of Brazil who will be energy independent from the oil producing countries because, they developed Sugar Based Ethanol instead of Corn Based Ethanol which should be used for feeding people around the world. Finally, it is so easy to blame President Bush, Oil Companies and OPEC but, we have to look at the man in the mirror and when you look you will see the failure of the United States Congress to come up with a strong energy plan that will make this country energy independent of Middle Eastern Terrorist Countries.

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  1. It doesn't help that Chavez has limited the number of oil tanks that are available on the market because he rented a whole bunch of them and parked them somewhere.
    If only we were allowed to drill off our own shore and in our own states!!!!