Saturday, July 5, 2008


Sen. Obama is the biggest Anti-American hater ever to run for President of the United States. Sen. Obama has no true love for this country and he, truly believes that America is a flawed nation and needs to be turned into a Socialist country as fast as possible. If Sen.Obama was a "True Patriot" he, would not be hanging around Anti-American haters like William Ayers, Rev. Wright and Minister Louis Farrakhan. Sen. Obama now has a website where he telling the American people that everything that his critics are saying about his socialist record are wrong but, Sen. Obama has to understand that most Americans will not put up with a Socialist as President of the United States. Therefore, Sen. Obama campaign has spent the last couple of weeks along with the liberal media trying to prove to the average American that he loves this country. Sen. Obama whole political career was stared because, of his Anti-American hatred. Sen. Obama would not have been elected State Senator in Illinois in his district in Chicago if he had not proved to people like Minister Farrakhan and William Ayers who reside in his district that he hated American foreign policy. Sen. Obama is now pulling a "Slick Willie" and moving towards the center so, he can try and fool the American people into voting for him as President. The way things are looking right now it seems that Sen. Obama will be elected President of the United States and that will be they day that Democracy died in America. I know that the Founding Fathers are rolling around in there graves wondering how could they elect "Obama the Clown" as President.


  1. WOW, you know I actually agree with you. I know when you write a conservative blog most of your comments will be negative but you know its true.

    I'm a Hillary Clinton supporter that went for McCain after she dropped out because of Obama's inexperience.

  2. I'm sorry, but who cares? He's inexperienced, and look what EXPERIENCE got us! Yeah, that's right, Bush!

    Bush, an "experienced" politician, brought this horrible war upon us, and has done so much more wrong to the country than he has done right.
    How can anyone possibly want someone with 'experience' in office next term?

  3. Obama's socialist credentials are merely a pigment of your imagination-I dare say, you must some racist bigot who wants to take pride in painting shit on this illustrious politician since Ronald Reagan! Mcain is not up to the task-he is almost senile already-what would make you go for a man whose wit is questionable already and to go ahead to entrust him with the mighty USA? Sorry, I would be wiser than that-dont look at the colour of Obama, look at the substance in him ok?