Saturday, June 28, 2008


The winner of this Fall General Election is going to Sen. Obama because, of the bad economic conditions in this country today. Sen. McCain has no chance of winning this election because, he is not a real Conservative. Sen. McCain is just another Sen. Bob Dole who looks good on paper but, when he is out there on the campaign trail there is no fire in his belly to win this General Election Campaign. Therefore, as Conservatives we will have to deal with "President Obama First Term" as President Of The United States and it could be the most damaging four years in the history of our country because, the Democratic Party will spend most of there time trying to destroy the Conservative movement. President Obama will raise all our taxes as soon as he is sworn into office as President of the United States. President Obama will surrender to the terrorist in Iraq and Afghanistan and try a sit down and talk to these blood thirsty terrorist. President Obama will also, let Iran get the nuclear bomb and let them control Iraq and most of the Middle Eastern Oil Supply. President Obama will put America and Israel in some dangerous situations because, of his liberal foreign policy towards the Middle East. President Obama will put as many secular judges on the Federal and Supreme court to try and override the Constitution when it come to the second amendment and Abortion Rights. Therefore, the Conservative movement must be ready to fight as hard as the liberal socialist media has been fighting President Bush for the last Eight Years. President Obama must be stop at all cost until we can elect a Conservative as President in 2012. Finally, Conservatives "Get Ready For A Battle" to try and save this country from the Secular Progressive Movement.


  1. It would be utterly impossible for Obama to be any worse for this country than the eight years of the Reign of Error. I personally don't believe that the country is going to survive as an intact entity for much longer, thanks to the viral destruction of American institutions that has taken place since 2001.

  2. Let me start by saying that I'm more liberal than you are by a long shot. Here are my challenges to your post:
    1. The true conservative party, while not totally destroyed, has had its power greatly reduced. This makes it difficult to blame its demise on Obama as you claim.
    2. I believe that John McCain still has a great deal of fire in his belly. Certainly not the type that you, or even I, want leading this country. Just for the record, I very much respect John McCain's military past. He has proven beyond a doubt his dedication to the country and that should be held in high esteem. I don't believe that translates into an effective presidency. I support Obama because I feel strongly that his message of unity in government is the only way to get beyond perpetual campaigning. I hope that I'm not let down. I also wanted to say that one of my biggest frustrations with government is the concept that liberal and conservative views are not more successfully brought together. Here is a question: Can you maintain some liberal views while maintaining sound fiscal management?

    Have a good one!