Saturday, July 26, 2008


The McCain campaign needs to turn up the heat on the Obama campaign. I know that Sen. McCain is running a cautious campaign but, he needs to take some chances because, we all know that the liberal socialist media is in the Obama Campaign back pocket. The McCain campaign has small margin of error because, the Republican brand is in such bad shape around the country because, of the economy and the War in Iraq. The McCain campaign has to point the specific differences between his view of the world and Sen. Obama modern Socialist view of America. The McCain campaign should point out after Sen. Obama visited Iraq and seen up close the success of the surge he, refused to acknowledge the success and he also, said that he would not take the advice of General Peterus and he, would withdraw all the troops in 16 months. This type of attitude shows that Sen. Obama cannot admit when he is wrong and he seems to be a stubborn and arrogant politician. Sen. McCain needs to attack Sen. Obama Twenty-four hours a day on his lack of a energy plan, because the only answer to the question that Sen.Obama gives when it comes to the energy problem in America is that we, should wait 20 years until we get alternative fuels that will not help the average American today who is struggling with high fuel prices. Sen. McCain should point out that Sen. Obama and the Environmental Socialist Movement refuses to let the Oil Companies drill for oil and build safe nuclear power plant like they have in France and Germany. The McCain campaign should hit the Obama campaign hard on the economy because, his plan is a suicide attack on the American Economy. This "Clown" Sen. Obama wants to raise taxes in a bad economy. I want to know who is giving this clown Economic advice because, everybody knows that raising taxes will not spur the economy but could create a lack of capital to investment in America. Sen. Obama also wants to raise the Capital Gains taxes which is one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard come out of his campaign. Sen. Obama had a debate with Sen. Clinton and the moderator Charlie Gibson said that the lower the capital gains rate is the more money comes into the United States Treasury. Sen. Obama refuse to acknowledge what Gibson was saying was true and Sen. Obama still said that he, would raise taxes. Finally, these issues I have brought up are very simple for the American people to understand because, these are the meat and potatoes issues that affect average Americans everyday.

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