Saturday, March 1, 2008


The Liberal Socialist Progressive Secular movement has been waiting 45 years for a "Messiah" like Sen. Obama to move there liberal agenda forward. Sen. Obama is the most liberal Senator in the United States Congress. Sen. Obama claims that he will unite this country with a more moderate agenda, but his record does not show any proof of him bringing the United States Congress together. The former coach of the Super Bowl Champion New York Gaints Bill Parcelles once said "You Are What Your Record Says You Are" and Sen. Obama record says that he is not in the mainstream when it comes to the major issues of today. Sen. Obama wants to raise our taxes and he also, supports partial birth abortions and he even wants us to surrender to the terrorist in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sen. Obama is so, liberal he even wants to give drivers license to illegal aliens ans give them social security benifits that should only go to legal American citizens. I know that Sen Obama belives in change and I believe in change too but, first we have to change Sen. Obama's mind first before we can have any change in this country. Sen. Obama has the "Audacity of Hope" to try a fool the American people that he, is a becon of light when it is dark. Therefore, I am asking my bloggers will Sen. Obama unite the country with his Liberal Socialist agenda.


  1. I am not from the U.S.A. but I have still heard a lot of press about Obama. He seems to be getting a lot of attention worldwide. A popular well liked president that is looking out for the good of the people? What a concept!

    I wish all the best for your election and your country.

  2. There is no chance that Sen. Obama can unite a country that is full of people who are extremely passionate about their politics whether they are conservative or liberal.

    His charm will not win over anyone who claims to be a true conservative because you are right when you say that he is the most liberal senator in congress hiding behind a moderate mask.

    However, for people who do not follow politics or pay much attention to what is actually happening in the world his message will seduce them into voting and believing that he has all the right answers.

    It's a very sad day in American politics. Some days I'm happy to be living overseas that way I don't have to deal with the ignorance of the average American voter on a daily basis.