Monday, March 17, 2008


Sen. Obama has been attending Trinty Baptist Church in Chicago for the past 20 years. Rev. Wright has preaching sermons at Trinty Baptist Church and Sen. Obama has never heard Rev. Wright preach this hateful Anti- American rhetoric in the pulpit on Sunday. Sen. Obama is running his campagin on "Judgement to Lead" and I am supposed to beleive that he never heard Rev. Wright say these type of sermons on Sunday. Sen. Obama must think that I am stupid and the rest of America, because "he walks around like he does not know what the hell is going on in his own church". This is the same church "Trinty Baptist" that him and his wife got married in and his children were baptized in by this hateful preacher Rev. Wright. Therefore, this why his wife made a Anti- American statement that "she has never been proud of America in her whole adult life until her husband started running for President". The statements that you are hearing from his wife are the same type statements that you hear from Rev. Wright when he is preaching his sermons on Sunday. I think that Sen. Obama is lying when he says he never heard Rev. Wright give these type of sermons . Sen. Obama knows that Rev. Wright gave Min. Louis Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award and he and his wife did not leave Trinty Baptist Church. Finally, I am asking my bloggers if you think that Sen. Obama is Lying about never hearing Rev. Wright give these Anti- American sermons.


  1. Well, I believe that Senator Obama has, in fact, heard his pastor preach this way. Most Americans who are not scared of the truth know that what Reverand Wright spoke was at least close to the truth. This is a country built on lies and it takes knowing this fact (like alcoholics must admit that they are alcoholics)in order to fix the problems. We need strong leaders, not kiss asses, leaders and not followers. It's time people put their eyeglasses on and clean the lenses. This is not the land of the free, home of the brave. But we can make it that way.