Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The Democratic Party nomination may be determined by the "Super Delegates" that will be attending the Democratic National Convention. This whole "Super Delegate" process was all started in 1988 during the Deomcratic Party Nomination process between Gov. Mike Dukakis and Rev. Jessie Jackson. The Democratic National Committe decided to make winning a state less important and make winning delegates the most important thing in the Democratic Party nomination process. Therefore, it does not matter if Sen. Obama wins the majority of the states it only matter if he gets the most delegates. The pressure is on Sen. Obama to win Texas and Ohio in March because, if he does not win these states with large delegate totals this means that the nomination process will be determined at the Democratic Party National Convention. This gives Sen. Clinton the advantage because, the first thing Sen. Clinton will do is to try and seat the delgates from Michigan and Florida. These are states that she won but, the Democratic Party decided not to count the delegates because, they move there primaries up against the Democratic National Committee rules. Sen Clinton will claim the these voters are being disinfranchised by the Democratic National Committee. Finally, with the "Super Delegates" President Bill Clinton will call in all his cards so, that his wife will get the Democratic Party nomination. My advice to Sen. Obama is to end this nomination process before it gets to the convention or your Presidential aspirations will be in some serious trouble. Therefore, I am asking my blogges will this nomination fight got to the convention. I love this because , I am a Conservative.


  1. Yeah, Obama keeps saying "change" here and there all in this entire campaign speeches. Everytime he says "change" over and over again, the people clap their hands and cheers? Is it this some sort of cast-binding hypnotism? I still don't understand what Obama mean by "change" in the most economically practical relevance.

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  3. To first poster, anonymous:

    Pay attention to what Obama is saying and 'why' people are clapping.

    It's the three L's anonymous - Look, Listen and Learn.

    I can say the word 'change' all day long and not one person will clap. You have to pay attention - that's key!

    Unless you just want the same old Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. We need a change in our politics!

  4. I love that the two are slugging it out. As conservative as I am I hope that Obama stays in the race until the end and could somehow pull off the nomination, because the idea of Clinton winning makes me want to vomit.

  5. I'm not into much politics but You seem to have the latest new available on this site.. thumbs up and keep it up..

    cheers mate