Friday, February 8, 2008


The Republican Party and the Conservatives will have to deal with "Sen. Clinton or Sen. Obama as our next President". There is no way a Republican can win a General Election in 2008. The voting that has been cast so, far in the primary election has shown that the Democratcs are more excited about there two canidates. The voting margin is 64%-36% in favor of the Democratic Party so, far in the primary voting. Therefore, this means in the General election with this type of turnout and excitement about Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama shows that the general election will be a landslide. This General election will prove to be on of the biggest landslides not only in the Presidential election, but Congress will also, turn over even more towards the Democrats. The Republican Party will have to start "Rebuilding" itself in the 2010 Congressional election and try and take back the White House in 2012. Therefore, I am asking my bloggers if they think the 2008 election will be a landslide for the Democrats. I am a Consrevative and I will have to take the posion for the next four years.


  1. I think the Republicans have a tought fight, against either opponent. However, if the Democrats do not decide on a front runner/candidate soon, it could end up worse for them.

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  2. Oh yeah because the last eight years have been so rosy! I'm sure you are a rarity as a black conservative, but I do like the fact that your not afraid to express that. Good work with the blog, although I don't agree with you.