Saturday, February 2, 2008


The Conservatives in the Republican Party will destroy Sen. Mccain and give the General Election to the Democratic party. The Conservative in the Republican party hate Sen. Mccain so much that they are willing to lose a national election to keep there core principles in tact as Reagan Conservatives. The bigggest problem Sen. Mccain has is from the "National Radio Talk Show Hosts" such, as Rush Limbaugh, Sen Hannity and many others on the right that believe Sen. Mccain has no respect for the core principals of the Conservative movement. I really did not know how much hate there was on the right for Sen. Mccain but, when I heard Ann Coulter say that she would be campagning for Sen. Clinton if Sen. Mccain won the Republicaan nomimation that's when I knew that the Republican Party has no chance of winning a general Election in the fall. Sen. Mccain biggest problem is that he, did not support the Bush tax cuts and that he was for the "Amnesty Bill" in the Senate. Therefore, this is a death nail for any nominee trying to win a general election without the support of the Conservatives in the Republican Party. Finally, I am asking my bloggers will the Conservative right support Sen. Mccain in a general election.


  1. I was in Arizona for 10 years under John McCain, and frankly with how little he has done for the state I am amazed he is perpetually re-elected. Then again, he has that war hero thing going for him. I would prefer to see the country go to hell under a Democrat rather than a moderate Republican, and that is where we are headed whether it is McCain, Hillary or Obama... hell in a handbasket... God help the USA.

  2. The right wing conservative like in RR will vote for Ron Paul.