Friday, August 10, 2007


I am a "Black Conservative" but, I hate to see a good man like Sen. Obama getting beat up by the "Clinton Mafia" like he was a human punching bag. Sen Obama needs to "Stand up and Fight" and quit letting the "Clinton Mafia" get away with some of things they are saying about your record. Sen. Obama has to understand that Sen. Hillary Clinton is not your friend and she sees you as her enemy. The "Clinton Mafia" will do anything to win the "Democratic Nomination" and that means if they have to destroy you and your family the "Clinton Mafia" will do it without hesitation. Sen. Obama can win the Democratic Nomination, but you have to start showing some backbone and prove to the American people that you really want to win the Democratic Nomination. Sen. Obama has to attack Sen. Clinton's constant changing of her postions depending on her polling data. Sen. Obama should attack her on the "War on terror" and tell the American people that, she has no credibility when it comes to fighting the war on terror. Then tell the rest of the Democratic field to "go straight to hell" because the are starting to curry favor with Sen. Clintion, because they feel that she is going to win the Democratic nomination and they want a job in her adminstration. Sen. Obama it is time for you to turn this election into a "Street Fight" and start throwing some hard punches at the "Clinton Mafia" or you will lose the Democratic Nomination by a landslide.

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