Thursday, August 9, 2007


Sen.Hillary Clinton will change her mind every week like a "Chameleon" on campagin trail depending on what her polling data says that week. Sen. Hillary Clinton learned a lesson from her "Husband" President Bill Clinton, follow the polls and not you true "Left Wing" feelings. Therefore, everyone knows that Sen. Hillary Clinton is a "Left Wing Socialist" in her heart, but she will run in the General Election as a Democratic Leadership Council Conservative . Sen. Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest political frauds in American history, because she has done nothing as a United States Senator for, Upstate New York which is poorest parts of New York State. Sen. Hillary Clinton is such a fraud, but the "Liberal Media" will not expose her true record in the Congress to the American people. We, all know that the "Liberal Media" wants a Democrat in the White House; by any means necaessary and they will not tell the truth about Hillary's Congressioal record, while in United States Congress. Sen. Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq war and gave a "Detailed Speech" and information that went back to her husbands adminstration is the reason why we should invade Iraq. Therefore, she had all the information she needed to make a well thought out decision on Iraq. I want everyone to get a transcript of the speech she made on the senate floor before the Iraq war. Therefore, now that the war is unpopular Sen. Hillary Clinton is changing her mind again. She wants to withdraw the troops from Iraq before we finish the job in Iraq to win favor with the "Left Wing Nuts" in the Democratic Party. If I were a Democrat I would rather see Sen. Obama in the White House rather than a lying "chameleon" like Sen. Hillary Clinton who will change her there mind at a drop of a dime.

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