Monday, August 13, 2007


The Illegal Immigration problem is so far out of control in our country it's starting to become a "National Crisis". The Illegal Immigration problem needs to be solved by our Federal Government. The Congress has to stop using Illegal Immigration problem as a "Political Football" to see who is going to get the Hispanic vote in the "2008 General Election". The Ferderal Government under the Constitution has the right to stop these Illegal Immigrants from crossing the border into the United States. The Illegal Immigration crisis is causing a large strain on the Local, State and Federal Governments, because of the cost of Health Care, Education, and the Prison Population . The excuse of why we should not shut down our border is because, the Illegal Immigrants are doing jobs that the average American is unwilling to do for a fair wage. Therefore, if these companies start offering jobs that pay there workers a "Living Wage" there are plenty Americans who would take these jobs in a heartbeat. The Illegal Immiagrant population in America are commiting crimes sprees across America like it was the Old West. The latest "Crime Spree" is the execution style murders in Newark, New Jersey where a Illegal Immigrant help execute three innocent students from Delaware State College. The Federal Government has to get Illegal Immigrant problem under control, because this is also a threat to National Security. In a GAO report the "Watchdog Group" for the Federal Government; they said that terrorist could be using the open border with Mexico to gain access into our country. Therefore, the Federal Government should enforce our border security laws of our country to prevent future terrorist attacks on the homeland. Finally, if you are a Illegal Immigrant you should be deported back to your home country and follow the legal process of gaining citizenship into the United States.


  1. Love it, the illegal immigration has been going on for years, no president wanted do anything, if something was done years ago we wouldnt have this issue about illegal immigration..This is our home, yes I would start a porgram for our young americans 13 and up. They would be paid more than minuim wage, 8 dollars a hour why some jobs arent easy like picking crops.Then if a illegal immigrate ask's who will do the work our proud young americans can say we will.

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