Thursday, August 9, 2007


The Dallas Cowboys will be the winner of the NFC East because, of the addition of Wade Phillips as there New Head Coach. Coach Phillips is a great defensive coordinator and will probably have the Dallas Cowboys in the top "Five" in all defensive categories. Therefore, with Terrell Owens, Julius Jones and Tony Romo on the offensive side of the ball I think that Dallas will dominate the NFC East. The Second place team will be the Philadelphia Eagles with the return of Donovan F. Mcnabb as there starting Quarterback and he will lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a Wild Card Playoff spot in the NFC. Third place will be the Washington Redskins with Jason Campbell as there "New starting Quarterback" and last place will be the New York Giants with the "scrub' Eli Manning as there Quarterback. 1. Dallas Cowboys 2. Philadelphia Eagles 3. Washington Redskins 4. New York Giants.

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