Friday, August 17, 2007


General Petraeus over the past four months has done a excellent job in Iraq in turning around "Anbar Province" and getting cities like Rahmadi under some type of civil control. General Petraeus has proven over a short period of time with a good military plan and motivated soldiers who believe that General Petraeus plan will work and stop the violence in the major cities in Iraq like Rahmadi, Mosul and Baghdad there still can be some type of hope in winning the war in Iraq. Therefore, we can still win this war in Iraq, if the Democrats stop using the war as a political issue for the 2008 general election. This is the most important war in American history and if we lose this war it will be the first nail in the coffin of the American Empire. The Democrats have to understand that there are no winners or losers when it comes to losing a war. This is not President Bush's war this is America's war that we have to win as a "United People". If we lose this war in Iraq the "Terrorist" will gain more strength and become even more embolden, because they will feel that America's Military is a "Paper Tiger". Therefore, give General Petraeus another year to see if his plan can work over a long period of time. Finally, there was a war about a century and a half-ago when the American people thought the Union Army was going to lose to the Confederate Army and there was a "Strong" General like General Petraeus who later became President who pulled the war out for the Union Army and saved the United states and his name was President Grant. I believe that General Petraeus can still win the war in Iraq for the American people just give him more time. General Petraeus is the man that will complete the mission in Iraq and give us victory.

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  1. Oh dear god you are one of those uneducated ones. A fear mongering, liberal hating, propaganda spewing conservative. I quote, "This is the most important war in American history and if we lose this war it will be the first nail in the coffin of the American Empire." I thought the most important war was the Revolutionary War. Then came the Civil War. IS that all you are worried about is the American Empire? Ask the Soviets how far they got when they oocupied the Middle East. Ask George Dub about his North American Union Ammendement. There will be no United States of America wgen he is done with his master plan. Wake up. This is a religious war and it's not a matter of winning and losing... Man, the righteous right certainly has no clue! Since when does the conservative christian right encourage human death and tragedy all that comes with war? Oh that's right when they are trying to spread christianity....