Sunday, August 19, 2007


The Chinese Government has no central administrative control over the "Health and Saftey Regulations" in China. Therefore, why is it so, hard for the Chinese government to crack down on exporters of dangerously, tainted seafood,toothpaste and medicine despite years of warning by local and foreign experts. The headlines across the world about unsafe products coming from China reveal the scary truth, the Chinese economic mircale is filled with adminstratvie failures abound. Therefore, this is what you get when you sign trade deals with no world-wide "Heatlh and Saftey Regulations". Therefore,if I were the American people I would not buy anything made in China, because you might end up dead in a few years. I am sorry I would not buy anything from "Wal-Mart" that was made in China. This shows that we need to start investing and rebuilding our own new manufacturing base in America, so we can make sure that we are getting safe product for our families. I truly, believe that the Chinese Government is trying to kill our childern with these lead based products in our childerns toys. Finally, you have to remember the Chinese Government is still a Communist Government and they will do anythig to control the world.

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