Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It seems that America is falling into the same trap that the "Roman Empire" fell into in the "Final Days" of there Empire. The Roman's overextened there military and they had lack of fiscal responsability by the Central Government in Rome. The Roman's moral conduct declined in the the final years of there Empire and there was no unity amongst the people in the Roman Empire, because a large part of the Roman Empire were from different ethnic cultures. Therefore, look at America today our military is overextened and Congress has has no fiscal responsablitiy and the moral conduct in America is the worst it has ever been in the history of this country. There is a lack of unity in America, because we have politicians who benefit from the lack of unity even in a time of war. The problem we have with immigration is helping America decilne from within, because of the heavy burdon it puts on the taxpayers in America. If these problems are not solved within the next ten years America will be another "Footnote" in history just like the Roman Empire.

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  1. I agree that America is in her Final Days as an Empire. Immigration illegal and legal is draining the fabric of this nation. Welfare drains the income of those that do work, who pay high county taxes. Foreigners know more about our welfare system that most Americans do. Cities have been divided into different ethnic groups who have different values and or goals dividing the country even farther. Mexicans have invaded much of the south gaining ground for Mexico. Changing the color of America from beige to brown. As these numbers grow America moves from a powerful country to a third world nation. Melanie