Monday, August 6, 2007


The murders in Newark, New Jersey over the weekend shows how bad this "Y" generation has become. This next generation has no respect any type of moral values that are consistent with any descent civilization. They are a product of the MTV and BET sub-culture which tells them you can break any law just to be a so-called sucess in America. The murders over the weekend were three of four college students from Delaware State College were lined up behind a school in Newark, New Jersey and all shot in the head execution style. These college students did not have a crimnal record and were considered upstanding citizens in the Newark, New Jersey community. Why would somone want to kill such, good citizens that were sitting in there car enjoying the evening together. This new prison and death culuture is starting to takeover the "Y" generation and it is time that the adults in our country take back our communties for these Hip-Hop "Thugs" who think killing innocent people is a badge of honor. Therefore, where is Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson to march on Newark, New Jersey against these "Thugs" who are nothing, but "Urban Terrorist" who prey on the innocent. I am tried hearing about Iraq. I want to talk about the war that is going on in our inner city communties everyday. The biggest problem with the African-American community is that we have to address the moral breakdown in our community that is leading to our young men and women living this negative Hip-Hop lifestyle. Therfore, we have to address that 70% of all are childern are born out of wedlock and only 50% of our children are graduating for High School and these are just a few of the major problems we have to address to take back control of our communties from these "Urban Terrorist".

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  1. I might go a bit easier on the whole "urban terrorist" nomenclatures.

    Keep promulgating that classification and you'll have to throw in the Vanilla Suburban terrorist, the corporate thugs, and the Bush Klux Klan and that'll just make everyone unhappy.

    However, you are correct in concluding that pop culture, as in new school country music, promiscuous actresses, violent actors, and an educational and business culture that propagates a completely selfish mentality is bad for society. Particularly when God is pushed to the margins of that same society.