Wednesday, April 20, 2011

President Barack Obama, Cry Freakin Baby

Larry Johnson - If you’ve seen Drudge (and now Hot Air) you have probably seen Obama’s meltdown under the “grueling” questioning of a local Texas TV reporter. Steel yourselves boys and girls, this is brutal:

Man, did you notice the dozens of times that asshole of a reporter interrupted?

Nope. Me neither. The guy just asked some direct questions. Hell, Bret Baer of Fox News interrupted Obama far more when he did that interview.

This interview provides a brilliant video illustration of why Obama will not be re-elected. In 2008 he was the happy, easy going, nice Negro. He was a younger version of Bill Cosby. He was likable. Not shrill like that bitch Hillary (ball bustin’ Iron Maiden). And his voice? Like honey on fat honeycombs. Soothing, easy to follow, almost a musical cadence.

Now this. Petulant, angry, arrogant and smug. Not exactly the kind of guy you want to take home to meet Mom. Let’s face it. Barack Obama has morphed into a black Eddie Haskell. And for you Leave it to Beaver fans, you all know how “beloved” old Eddie was? Right?

Imagine how testy he will be when inflation tops 10%, along with unemployment and Americans are screaming about $5 a gallon gas. You’ll need body armor or a bomb suit to interview the dude if you want to survive the experience.

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