Thursday, February 11, 2010

Urban Jobs Summit: Street Money For The Democracts

The White House will host a daylong urban policy discussion including mayors, county executives, governors, urban policy experts, and heads of various agencies … President Obama is expected to address the conference.

Discussion will include initiatives like Choice Neighborhoods, a new HUD program that provides poor neighborhoods not only with housing, but also social and economic benefits, like day care and farmers’ markets; and Promise Neighborhoods, a Department of Education program modeled after the Harlem Children’s Zone, to improve academic achievement and life skills by offering after school and weekend sports, social and arts activities.

The conference will include several dozen policy experts, including Bruce Katz, the director of the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution, who developed some of the ideas that led to the creation of the Office of Urban Affairs. Bankers, planners, and advocates will also attend.

Finally, let's tell the truth about this so-called Urban Jobs Summit that will be held July 13 at the White House. It is basically a campaign rally for liberal Democrats for the mid-term elections. President Obama will pass out millions of dollars to city politicians who are Democrats to get the minority vote out in November. I knew this summit was a scam when I saw Rev. Al "Money Bags" Sharpton on the War Room with Wolf Blitzer talking about the upcoming summit. This is the Chicago Thug way of doing business if you want to keep power.

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  1. The SEIU and municipal unions will get a large payout after this urban jobs summit.