Monday, January 11, 2010

What Happened To The Anti-War Movement In The Age Of Obama?

The anti-war movement has collapsed ever since, President George W. Bush has left office. The leading anti-war activist groups who were finance by some of George Soros umbrella groups decided to fold there tents and join the Barack Obama presidential campaign, which presented itself as opposed to the war in Iraq. A year late these same anti-war groups are faced with a conundrum because, there are more U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq than they were under President George W. Bush. With the record high U.S. deaths in Afghanistan and 30, 000 troops on the way and an expansion of the war into Pakistan and Yemen there, are some rumblings at the grassroots level. Yet the same anti-war groups and leaders are still calling the shots and they are not willing to protest against President Obama war policy. President Obama is perceived as a man of peace after receiving the "Nobel Peace Prize" and would seem better able to expand the wars in Afghanistan Pakistan and Yemen than a Conservative President Bush. There are people in media who believe that President Obama who won the White House in large part due to his opposition to the Iraq War, could take us to war with Iran, and rally liberals and much of the left behind it. Finally, this proves that the anti-war movement in America is a complete fraud bought and paid for by George Soros and his left-wing cronies. These so-called antiwar groups are only to be used when a Republican are in the White House to agitate and stir up trouble across the country. The anti-war movement is quieter than a church mouse as President Obama escalates the war in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Damn, where is the new Weathermen, Jane Fonda, Susan Surandon and the rest of the left-wing loons who called President Bush Hitler for invading Iraq. These clown are sitting in there million dollar mansion in California or West Side Of Manhattan wearing there "Change" T-shirts and they are not organizing any war protests anytime soon.

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  1. Thank You, for telling the truth. The anti-war movement as always a fraud controlled by the left-wing elite in america.