Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sen. Reid Racist Comments About Obama, "Sen. Reid Resign Now"

The Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is Apologizing about racist comments said about President Obama during the 2008 Presidential campaign. The racist comment made by Sen. Reid: Obama 'Light Skinned' "with No Negro Dialect". This type of racist hate speech was typical words used during segregation when college educated African-Americans would challenge old segregation laws in the south. The liberal socialist media is covering up for Sen. Reid by saying that he wanted a spot in the Obama Administration instead of telling the truth that Sen. Reid had malice in his heart toward President Obama because he was ascending towards the presidency. The President and liberal media has already accepted Sen. Reid apology because he, needs Sen. Reid to push Obamacare over finish line in the Senate. The liberal media, President Bush and State Sen. Barack Obama thrashed Sen. Trent Lott and drove him out his Senate leadership position for making so-called racist comments. The liberal media went on a Jihad against Sen. Trent Lott and he resigned from his leadership position. Therefore, will the same Liberal media demand that Sen. Reid resign from his Majority Leadership position. I have the answer they will not ask Sen. Reid to resign from his position because he, is a socialist Democrat that supports the progressive agenda. Sen. Reid will get a pass, but he will not get a pass from this African-American Conservative Blogger. I will make sure Sen. Reid will be defeated in the 2010 mid-term elections.


  1. Dems don't make racist comments only Conservatives and Republicans. Sen Reid was only trying to be a comedian.

  2. As an African American I've witnessed too many "white men" saying and doing as they please, even committing murders at times, only to receive a slap on the wrist and excuses made on their behalf. It is time to hold them accountable for the things that they say and do. Most of all it is time for the so called "true, red- bloodied Americans, like Reid, to study and take ownership of the foundation on which this country was and is built on, race and racism.
    c.e ruffin -- new jersey