Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama First Year In Office A Utter Failure

The President Of The United States Barack Hussein Obama during his annual State Of The Union speech managed to chide, admonish and disrespect the Democratic Party, Republican Party and Supreme Court in his own arrogant narcissist way. President Obama is a man without any major accomplishments after being in office for one year. I just have a small list of utter failures by the "Messiah"and it will only take one minute of your valuable time. The President $787 Billion Dollar Stimulus Bill has not created any substantial jobs in America, but has so-called created or saved jobs in some states in America. The President Health Care Plan has gone down in flames after the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts. The President Global Warming agenda was stopped in its tracks by the failed Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen. The President has not developed any new strategy when it comes to educating our children for the future. The President planned closing of GITMO in one year has not happened due to the outcry by Congress, military and American people. The President Cap-And-Trade Bill is stalled in the United States Senate without any chance of final passage because of bipartisan support against the job killing bill. The President also, failed to bring the Olympics to Chicago and the beat goes on. The President is a arrogant man Harvard educated man who believes that he, knows what is best for the American people. The American people in there own God given wisdom gave President Obama a thumbs down on his socialist domestic policies when elections where held in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Finally, the President needs to take a good look at the man in the mirror and stop pointing fingers at everybody else except himself for his domestic policy failures. Hey, I know that will be difficult for a narcissist but we have to "Hope" and pray that Obama will "Change" his ways while being President on the greatest nation on earth. Hey, I know this will never happen.


  1. The President won the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing as President