Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yale Project On Climate Change Use "Religious Leaders"

The Yale Project on Climate Change seeks to piggyback off of any and all established trust in religious leaders for mere political expediency. Its rationale of equating climate issues with prayer and established religious traditions are for the convenience of of converting its membership to climate agenda goals, and are a affront to to original intention of religious inclination. The Yale Project recognizes the importance of religious leaders in the public mind and seeks to use them to legitimize the carbon agenda. Though religious leaders don't rank as high as other tool of the climate propaganda, such as scientist, environmental organizations, weather reporters it is clear that pre-arranged advocacy will help advance there agenda. Further, the Yale Project recognizes religious cover will allow the penetration of more politically conservative or otherwise pockets of public opinion. The Yale Project On Climate Change states that religious leaders and communities should establish or expand religious coalitions on the environment and convene dialogues to develop common understanding and resources specifically on climate change issues across different religions and moral traditions. The Yale Project seeks to build on models like the National Religious Partnership for the environment while taking care to avoid tainting the unique positioning of the partnering religious groups.The project platform even advocates that religious leaders be prepared to work together both covertly and overtly on climate change. Churches in England did indeed hold a Day Of Prayer On Climate Change in August 2009, leading up to the United Nations Climate Change Summit In Copenhagen. Establishing green prophets has not only meant branding icons like Al Gore and David de Rothschild as saviors. Environmental themes have sought to bring religious adherents, for instance, through the "2008 Release Of The Green Bible"added liner notes and emphasis on environmental themes found in bible text. Finally, Religious conviction has been viewed as some sort of commodity to be translated into political and social power in the hopes of tipping the scales of any given agenda. For translation, The Yale Project is a distortion and a fraud on religious leaders.

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  1. They will use anyone to pass there socialist agenda. I did not know that religious leaders were involved in the climate change debate.