Friday, December 11, 2009

NBC the Propaganda Wing Obama Administartion Attacks Beck, Limbaugh And O'Reilly

The left-wing loons over at NBC are showing there true colors as being the head of the propaganda wing of the Obama Administration. The statement made on Law And Order SVU that Beck, Limbaugh and O'Reilly incite violence is a false and reckless statement. Beck and O'Reilly showed a clip from the episode that aired Wednesday Night which showed a murder who was incited into violence by being a right-wing talk show host fanatic who constantly listened to Beck, Limbaugh and O'Reily. In this "Law And Order SUV" episode the three talk show host are called a "cancer spreading ignorance and hate". Glen Beck the true intellectual genius that he is proceeded to point out that there have not been any arrest at Conservative Tea Party Events, 9/12 March On Washington or Town Hall Meetings. Glen Beck exposes a laundry list of left-wing loons carrying out violence and destruction of private property across the nation. The liberal left wing media headed by NBC and MSNBC tries to portray Conservatives as dangerous people and should be attacked and discredited by all mainstream media sources. Therefore, where was "Law And Order SUV" when MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann, Michael Moore and Democratic Party was calling President Bush and Vice President Cheney every despicable name that is not in the Websters Dictionary. Finally, Thank God that Glen Beck and countless numbers of Americans are exposing the Obama Administration as a group Socialist thugs who are trying to transform America into a European Socialist Society where the government controls every aspect of our lives.

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  1. NBC has no credibility the american people that is why there ratings are so low on NBC and MSNBC.