Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The Federal government has not seen this level of incompetence since FEMA Director Micheal Brown during Hurricane Katrina. Department Of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has shown that she could be one of the most incompetent cabinet secretary in the history of this great nation. Secretary Napolitanio Department authorized two reports on right wing radicals saying the recession and the election of the first black president and the return of disgruntled war veterans could increase the ranks of the militias. The report also, says that Homeland security analysis says that right-wing radicals are also, groups that reject Federal authority in favor of states rights. This may include groups that have a single issue such as a opposition to immigration or abortion. The nine page document was sent to police departments all around the nation on April 7, 2009. It says the federal government will be working with the state and local authorities to gather information on right-wing activities in the United States. The report issued by Homeland Security has no specific information about a terrorist attack by a Right-wing extremist group. Therefore, the Department of Homeland Security has authorized another report called Domestic Extremism Lexicon that came out of the Office Of Intelligence And Analysis. The DHS has changed the name of Islamic terrorist to "Man Caused Disaster" and countless other names for radical organizations. It seems like DHS is out of control and has no leadership when they keep authorizes these ridiculous reports on right wing extremism. The new report still attacks war veterans, anti immigration movement, tax resistance movement and Cuban Independence extremism movement. This list of groups by DHS seems like a large voting block group that did not vote for President Obama. This seems like the Obama administration is using the federal Government stop dissent amongst his opposition. Finally, these are the same tactics Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro use in there Communist countries to control there population. This must be stopped and there should be a Congressional investigation into why these reports being issued by DHS every month. Secretary Napolitano should be fired by President Obama today.

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