Thursday, October 30, 2008


I wake everyday and find out that Sen. Obama is having another tribute dinner with another one of his Anti-American friends. Sen. Obama is the first candidate to run for President in over a hundred years to have friends who hate America. Sen. Obama has some of the worst judgement I have ever seen when it comes to picking out his closest and dearest friends. Sen. Obama is close friends with the American born terrorist William Ayers and his wife who blew up the Pentagon and he, decides kicks off his campaign at there house for the State Senate in Illinois. Sen. Obama joins Rev. Wright Church and he says he did not hear Rev. Wright give these Anti-American Sermons. Sen. Obama befriends a former PLO Spokesman Rashadi Khalidi and he, pays tribute to a man who hates Israel. The Khaladi and Obama families ate dinner together several times a year and talk about the Palestine refuge problem. Therefore, could you imagine if Sen. McCain had these type of associations the Liberal media would be going wild trying to destroy Sen. McCain before the Nov. 4 Election. Sen. Obama could not even be a FBI agent with these type of associations. Finally, I cannot believe that the American people will elect a man whose best friends hate America. Hey! we have to remember that they all are "Boys In The Hood". The L.A. times should be boycotted by all Americans.

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