Friday, October 31, 2008


The Sen. Obama is showing signs of being the next leader of "Fourth Reich" when it comes to controlling the media. The Obama campaign today kicked off reporters from the New York Post, Washington Post and the Dallas Morning News to make space for some African-American magazines. The African-American magazines Ebony and Jet are recording Sen. Obama last days of his "Historical Campaign" to be the First African-American elected President. The reason the New York Post, Washington Post and Dallas Morning News were kicked off the plane is because, there papers endorsed Sen. McCain in the General Election. This is a sign that if Sen. Obama is elected President and you don't agree with his "Socialist Policies" you will be silenced or your will not have access to his Administration. The Obama campaign sent out a loud message when they punished Barbara West and her Television Station for giving Sen. Biden a Tuff interview on the major issues of today. Finally, the Left-Wing in America called President Bush the next Hitler, but your new "Messiah" Sen. Obama is showing signs of being the next leader of the "Fourth Reich".

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