Saturday, May 17, 2008


There is information all over the Democratic Blogs that there is a tape of Michelle Obama "Ranting And Raving Against Whitey" in Trinty United Church of Christ in Chicago. The video has been found by GOP operatives who have been watching almost twenty years of Rev. Wright Tapes. The tapes will be used at the apporiate time during the general election. Therefore, will Sen. Obama try and talk is way out of this scandal by saying he never heard his wife say these statements. The Republicans will use the tape to Swift Boat/Willie Horton Sen. Obama in the general election. This is why Democrats lose elections, because, the biggest association in his life is a out of control race hater. The GOP will use this tape in the fall election making Michelle Obama racist remarks the top story of the campagin instead of the economy. This story has been confirmed by Larry Johnson and three GOP operatives that the tape does exist and that the Democrats who believe that damaging information or video footage will go away is a standard operating procedure for Democracts in a general election. The Democrats are so, arrogant that they truly, believe that they can win this election with a flawed candidate like Sen. Obama with all his baggage and Anti-American Rhetorc they must truly, be crazy. The Super delegates should hurry up and switch to Sen. Clinton if they want to win this election. I love this because, I am a Conservative. This is why Democrats lose Presidential elections every four years. I am asking my bloggers to make a quick comment by pressing comments on this revelations of this controversial tape.


  1. wow, obama is still conservative although democrate

  2. If this is all the gop has, they are in bigger trouble then we all figured.

  3. Interesting article. I hadn't heard about that one, at least not yet. However, I would like to see the tape which I am sure at least FOX will air before I make any comments.
    It is sad that race has become an issue in this election. Sadder still it is the Democrats that started the issue.

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  5. First off to howheal...there's no e at the end of democrat. secondly the original blog refers to democratic..."they" are DEMOCRATS...our country is DEMOCRATIC. And I would LOVE to see the tape referred to...I doubt if any news will show it..I suspect perhaps a commerical like we saw when Mr. Hentz Ketsup ran.

  6. The tape is 100% real. McCain has it already.

  7. "wow, obama is still conservative although democrate (sic)"

    This must be from the "I'm a complete drooling retarded moron" section of the crowd...

  8. "The tape is 100% real. McCain has it already."

    Source? Link? All I've seen on this are blog posts from Clinton supporters and McCain supporters.

    I'm just saying that if someone knew about this tape, it would appear in something more high-profile than some random guy's blog post.

  9. She's actually talking about Bush, Iraq, and Katrina and saying "Why'd he." (Why did he let all those people die (Katrina)... Why did he authorize the war in Iraq.) You know; The contracted way people say: Why did he. But I can see how the GOP would try to make "Why'd he" come out sounding as "whitey."

  10. It race baiting at an all time high!!!! Why'd he makes more since knowin that her husband is half white! If they had something it would have been used long ago!!!You hatemongers just want the idea to be floating out there right!

  11. This is serious gamble on the part of the GOP (or the Clinton 2012 campaign).

    A bunch of white, fear mongering commentators accusing blacks of being the real racists might work for a while. But once the tape is debunked as Michelle is saying "Why'd he" (she is referring to Bush) instead of 'whitey', things are going to get ugly for the GOP.

    How did they go from the party of Lincoln, the party that freed the slaves, to such low and race baiting slurs?

    Do not forget what happened when Clinton tried to attack the Obama's black church. While Obama's popularity decreased, Clinton's unpopularity and negatives increased a far greater rates.

    It could win the GOP this election at the cost of being cast as the party of bigots.

  12. There is no tape. This was a rumor started on a blog by a Clinton supporter:
    and once Rush Limbaugh talked about it on his show everyone including the media ran with it. If there were a tape it would have been out by now, like everything else they have tried to throw at Obama. I think the conservative strategy is "let's throw everything at him and see what sticks." Obviously you all need to come up with another strategy.

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