Friday, May 16, 2008


Sen. Obama seems to be the favorite candidate of the terrorist group Hamas. The terrorist organization Hamas is openly supporting Sen. Obama because, they feel that his liberal socialist policies will favor there terrorist organization if he, is elected President of the United States. The reason why they feel this way because, one of Sen. Obama forgein policy experts was in direct talks with Hamas while, he was in the Middle East. The people that Sen. Obama has surrounded himself with are people who syphtathetic with groups like Hamas, Hezbollah and the terrorist State of Iran. Therefore, just look at some of Sen. Obama friends like his Pastor Rev. Wright, William Ayers and Minster Louis Farrakhan they all support these terrorist groups who fight everyday to destroy the State of Israel. Sen. Obama is like most liberal politicans because, they beleive that the reason why there is no Middle East peace deal is because, of the unwavering support that most of the United States Congress has for the country Isreal. I saw a segment on Glenn Beck where these Palestinians were at phone bank calling Americans to Support Sen. Obama. I want to know where are they getting there money from to make long distance calls to America and try and influence our elections. Finally, my parents told sometimes you can judge a man or women by the type of people they hang around and the people that Sen. Obama hangs around with are he worst kind of America First haters I have seen in a long time. i am asking my bloggers to make a quick comment by pressing comments on sen. obama being the terrorist candidate.

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  1. Actually, when I first heard the statements made by Reverend Wright, I was horrified... but, after watching a segment on him by Bill Moyers, a respectable media figure, I was led to understand him in a better light... Bill Moyers puts it perfectly... who WOULDN'T be enraged after what their ancestors went through? The statements he made were taken out of context... which is not something new in media... and he's not racist or anti-American. I am not American, so I cannot vote... but Barack Obama would have my vote if I was... based on what I know so far. Either way... I love your blog... it's informative and not in-your-face conservative.