Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The corporate culture in America is out of control with the sub-prime mortgage mess that should not have ever happpened if these "Banks and Brokerage houses" ran there companies with some sense of national responsibility. The bankers and stockbrokers who sold these sub-prime mortgages are getting huge bonuses and at the same time they are destroying the American economy. The same thing goes for the commidities market with oil prices and where they speculate the price of oil higher everyday which is destroying the economy and giving us higher inflation. Therefore, look at the former CEO of Merril Lynch where he destroyed the stock of the company by investing in these sub-prime mortgages. He was ousted as CEO and he received a parachute deal worth over 100 million dollars. This clown should be put in jail for destroying peoples lives. The financial mistakes that these corporations make in America affect peoples lives and ther jobs and they should be held accountable for there risky actions. The Corporations in America have no sense of National responsibility because, the only thing they care about is the bottom line. Therefore, I am asking my bloggers should companies like Merril Lynch and Countrywide be held accountable for there actions in destroying the "Housing Market" and the American economy. These corporate nutcases are making me sound like a left-wing liberial.


  1. Agreed, yet what to do about it? We built a society around commercialism. We claim to offer any individual the power to make their own success. Do we limit that success to a certain dollar amount? "Anyone can be succesful, but only this much..." - Owners of large corporations cannot be wholly blamed for this situation. Their stockholders represent a wide variety of demographic, and are the driving force of all "greedy" decisions to make as much money as possible.

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  4. Corporate and government corruption is unfortunately beyond repair at this juncture. This in itself will just lead us all down a path spiraling toward socialism and the final chapter in complete economic ruin with a nonrepresentational government run a muck.

    It's not like the founding fathers didn't forecast this calamity well in advance. Yet, their solution was called "revolution".

    I would have question the the will of a broken people to stand up and risk every thing once again in the face of tyrannical government.

    I can only say in all honesty; it doesn't very good for the average person for the foreseeable future.

  5. I'm no way an economist but would like to comment in an idiots point of view. Doesn't the bible read "money is the root of all evil" I think those who saw the power of it saw what the future could hold, when its just a number gain amongst elite groups instead of circulating properly. Its too god like and there's no stopping it, till it destroys everything, sounds crazy but why wouldn't it. I don't think its ever had a positive outcome without a some negative as most things that are selfishly made.

    I've watched for many years seems most were on the same page as far as income goes (80s-90s) Now its mind boggling and scary you either have cheating government handouts like crazy! (free money) or this weird pointless job that earns a ton of money but hardly anything in between.

    Seen even small business owners too who have gained lots of profit in these suppose to be hard times, compared to the 80s - 90s. With larger companies outsourcing and smaller ones that higher cheap labor who are ASSISTED by the government,ie: (woman has kids receives free food and money enjoys the husbands low paycheck too which he doesn't mind cause he has free food, and the company owner is wealthier.. spending personally and not towards lowering cost) this happens more than most think!!!!! I know this from my eyes!!!! So its best just to join the greed. Any chance you can rip anyone off manipulate them whatever its just business and not wrong. Don't touch them to hurt them just go for their wallet. If you can't develop these traits you will not live, only be drained like a prune and show nothing for it. Poverty and Wealthy will become the only classes. I predict the next war in my opinion will be suits vs rags, and thats going to be a confusing blood bath.

  6. I was born and raised a Christian Republican... grew up admiring Ronnie Raygun and the Bushes.... and I thought that Communism was the root of all evil... but in my older years I have had the good fortune to reassess my values:
    The Bible is not a factual history book, Republicans are only posing as Christians to get popularity among a massive amount of voters, and Communism is actually a utopian way of life that is based on a community working together for a common goal rather than a bunch of handouts by a dictatorship.
    We in America used to enjoy multiple classes ranging from ultra-rich to ultra-poor, and everything in between... but money and industry as served to eliminate most of the classes down to 2: Working-Class and Money-Holders.(there are technical terms for this, but this is an informal comment). Working-Class will always be working class because they are paid only enough to survive and do their job, while the money-holders make money simply because they already have money. We have the illusion that anyone can make it here, but the fact is, if you don’t have any help from a money-holder - you will never leave the working class! So essentially the American dream has become kissing the right ass of a rich man in hopes of him taking care of you and your family.
    The catch is: over 90% of the populous is working-class, so they outnumber the money holders hugely. When the working class finally understands that the money-holders are controlling the government by shady deals and payoffs, the working class will have no choice but to stand up for itself. A revolution is inevitable. And the whole system of money, possession and ownership will all be recreated with a sense of community.
    The thing that really gets to me is that the rich could stop all this. They could actually help the nation, and its people. They could invest in cleaner energy, and lower costs homes and transportation; they could establish more public’s works projects to provide jobs and income to struggling families. They could literally do ANYTHING... but they choose - to make THEMSELVES more money! And that is why revolution has become the only answer across the nation. It is only a matter of time…..