Monday, December 31, 2007


If Mike Bloomberg runs for President he will through the 2008 election into chaos and he will determine next President of the United States. Bloomberg will pull votes away from both Democrats and Republicans because he is a so called Independent. Bloomberg would probably choose someone like Sen. Chuck Hagel as his Vice Presidential canidate to claim that he is the moderate in the campagin and that he will repersent middle America. Bloomberg has the money to run national campagin and compete with the Democrats and Republicans. Therefore, I am asking my bloggers should Mike Bloomberg run for President.


  1. Bloomberg was a demorcrat before he became an independent, then a repulican, and then back to an independent. He'd get smacked around for that, no doubt.

  2. I think what Iowa has shown and what New Hampshire is showing already, is that people are sick and tired of the status quo and Bloomberg is nothing more than more of the same failed policies and empty political rhetoric with nothing true behind it. Barack Obama is a breath of fresh air in a stale atmosphere. He can take this country by storm. The American people are crying out for someone who really cares to do something and save our country. The only one that can do this is someone with charisma, sincerity and new compassionate policies for change in our country and our foreign policy of war and division.