Wednesday, August 1, 2007


The Republican Party has no leadership at all going into the 2008 gerenal election. It seems everytime I turn on my television the Republicans are doing something foolish. I wake up in the morning yesterday and Sen. Ted Stevens house is being searched by the FBI. Then I have to look at Attoney General Alberto Gonzales everyday being beat across the head with a bat by the Democrats like he was a baby seal. There is no leadership at the Republican National Committee and there is no solid Republican agenda that the rank and file members can get behind for this upcoming election. The Republican Party needs to get four good issues and present them to the American people. I am going to give The Republican Party something to "grasp on" and the issues are border security, balancing the budget, 10 year plan on defeating terrorism and a 10 year Marshall Plan to get us off depending on foreign oil. Therefore, this type of agenda can get some Republicans motivated for the 2008 general election. Finally, start fighting back against these "Thug" like tatics that the Democrats are using on our fellow Republicans in the Congress. Therefore, it is time for President Bush to go gangster on these "Thug" like tatics they are using on the White House and the Republicans in the Congress. The President should use all his Presidential powers to stop the Democratic Party's left wing agenda and expose them to the American people. The President has nothing to lose, so he might as well go out fighting like a real "Conservative Republican".

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