Friday, August 3, 2007


The Governments across America have failed the American people, so many times in the past four years the American people don't have any trust in the Government when it comes there saftey. Therefore, after watching the bridge collapse in Minneapolis and Hurricane Katrina. Therefore, would you wait around for these clowns to help save your life in a Hurricane. The American people pay all these tax dollars for the Fedaral, State and Local Governments to be as incompetent as all these branches of Government are in America. Then I have to watch and hear these worthless politicans blame each other for there lack of oversight,when it comes to our countries infrastructure. Then, I hear that the bridge had failing grades, but American citizens were allowed to drive over a bridge that failed the Department of Transportation safety requirements. Therefore, either the bridge passed or failed the saftey inspections set down by the Federal Government. If the the bridge failed the test it should have been shutdown until the bridge could pass the Federal Governments inspections. This is why we pay our taxes, for the Government to do there "freakin" job and tell us if there are any saftey problems in our Local infrastructure. I know I seem to be repeating myself, but this tradegy did not have to happen if the Government shutdown the bridge for a few months until it passed the Fereral Government inspection process.

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