Thursday, August 23, 2007


Will Sen. Obama take on the Clinton's and start trying to win the Democratic nomination to become, President of the United States. Instead of Sen. Obama talkin' about Camp Obama in New York, he needs to start dropping some bombs on the "Clinton Mafia". Therefore, I would like to hear your opinion about Sen. Obama will he stand and fight for the "Democratic Nomination" or go out as soft hearted pretender. Finally, as a Conservative I would rather see the Obama's in the White House rather than the "Clinton Mafia".


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  2. I'm with you on this one. Obama either put up or shut up. Do what you set out to do, and keep the Clinton's out of Office. We need no members of The Order of the Mason's to rule this country. They are all out to kill us off, so they can rule the world. And one question? How did all the members of the Bill Clinton's Political Party all wind up dead? (Is it Murder, or Suicide?), as the coroner ruled? ok 2 questions

  3. Obama is paid a decent salary to sit on the hill and cast his vote. As he has become more and more involved in his run for Presidency, he has left his constituents high and dry. Look up his voting record since his Presidential Announcement. He hardly ever votes on the floor. You may not like Hilary but at least she shows up to work to do her job!!!!!! Check out her voting record. At least she has one.