Friday, August 24, 2007


Should Congress tell the President to withdraw the troops from Iraq even if the surge working. The leaders of "Both Parties" who have traveled to Iraq, such as Carl Levin Democrat from Michgan says the surge is working, but we have a lack of political progress by the Iraqi Government. Sen. Hilliary Clinton says the surge is working, but we need a new government in Iraq. Therefore, should we do what Sen. Warner said in a news conference yesterday that we, should withdraw some troops from Iraq to make the Iraqi Government fix there governments problems. Therefore, I would like to hear everyones opinion on the most important issue in America today, should we withdraw the troops from Iraq even if the surge is working.


  1. Wayward,
    Yes we should withdraw the troops. If the Iraqi Government wanted to fix the problems they have, they should stood their own ground and welcome our troops over their, and given them more support. They need to bring their people to be a little more understanding of our troops, and tell them they should be helping us to bring law and order, and a better lifestyle to their homeland. Instead they are bringing their own justice into play with their people, when they so violently blow up our troops and try to annihilate by wearing suicide bombs. The Iraqi Army supposedly joined forces with Our Troops to bring Al Qaida to justice but, instead they run away when the shooting starts and the bombs go off. They the people of Iraq know when and where an attack is going to take place, and they themselves refuse to take post at the call of duty, and run when one of Ours gets shot. It is senseless for troops to be there to help someone, who obviously does not want and appreciate the help that has been given to them.

  2. since the war is going nowhere, and for the sake of the soldier's families, yes, america should withdraw the troops.

  3. we went in this war and i blieve we should finish it. and i mean we as a nation, we have to support our troops in their efforts in the middle east, its not just Iraq but other countries that the US now occupies. we have to finish what we started. yet again this is jut a view of a 17 year old with a father risking his life in Iraq.